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Kontron : Rugged CompactPCI CPU board offers enhanced PowerPC performance

Kontron strengthens its worldwide leadership in 3U CompactPCI CPU boards by presenting the new PowerPC based Rugged Conduction-Cooled (RC) Kontron CP3210.

With a faster clock rate of 733 MHz, accelerated DDR SDRAM (266 MHz, + 33.3 %), double the amount of system and user Flash and a Gigabit Ethernet port for faster data throughput and overall greater system performance, the Kontron CP3210 CompactPCI CPU board is an enhanced version of the highly reliable and powerful Kontron PowerEngineC7, a proven solution already embedded in major defense programs. Additionally, the new Kontron CP3210 incorporates a thermal sensor for health monitoring and thermal management. Just like the Kontron PowerEngineC7, the new 3U CompactPCI CPU board is designed to meet the harshest and most demanding requirements through its very low-power dissipation, real-time and certifiable software support as well as rugged conduction cooled design.

The Kontron CP3210 is the right platform for 3U CompactPCI applications requiring high processing power and proven reliability of the PowerPC architecture,” says Norbert Hauser, Vice President Marketing at Kontron. The Kontron CP3210 is the perfect fit for the most demanding defense and aerospace, maritime, industrial, transportation and communications applications where reliability, powerful performance, low-power consumption and low price are key features.

The Kontron CP3210 CompactPCI CPU board offers an extensive range of standard functions and expansion options including the new powerful PowerPC G3 750FX RISC processor clocked at 733 MHz, onboard user memory of 512 MB DDR SDRAM with ECC clocked at 266 MHz, 128 MB of System Flash memory, 256 MB of User Flash memory and 128 KB of nvSRAM with realclock. It also offers two onboard serial lines, two Ethernet channels – one Gigabit and one 10/100 as well as one 33/66 MHz PMC expansion slot (PCI Mezzanine Card). To further extend the I/O capabilities an additional PMC can be implemented via the rugged PMC carrier CPMC1. The Rugged Conduction-Cooled (RC) design of the Kontron CP3210 enables reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C according to VITA 47 recommendations.

Kontron's latest rugged conduction cooled CompactPCI CPU board is delivered with PowerOn Built-in-Tests and the Open Source U-Boot boot-loader firmware with full CPU source code under GPL. Kontron provides the Real Time Operating Software VxWorks 6.2 Board Support Package, and the Kontron CP3210 offers support for the ElinOS embedded Linux and the DO-178 B and ARINC 653 certifiable PikeOS software provided by Sysgo.

The Kontron CP3210 CompactPCI CPU board can be used both as a system slot or a peripheral slot processor board, making it a unique solution for a complete system. Power consumption can be reduced to less than 10 W by configuring the processor frequency and the system bus frequency to 700/100 MHz, and by enabling the nap mode.

The Kontron CP3210 CompactPCI CPU board is available now and is covered by Kontron's long-term supply program. This ensures defense customers a multi-year supply of the product beyond its active life.

More about CompactPCI: http://www.kontron.com/compactpci/
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