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Kontron uses STPC for COM initiative

ECHING, Germany — Kontron has extended its cooperation with STMicroelectronics for Computer On Module (COM) developments with the design-in of the STPC family processors.

The inclusion of STPC Elite processors into the development roadmaps of DIMM-PC and ETX Computer On Modules will enable Kontron to provide modular technology for applications such as building security, low-end numerical control, SOHO appliances, GPS/GPRS solutions, set top boxes, and in low power test and measuring equipment.

Engineers wishing to make use of STPC Elite processors no longer have to develop complex designs from scratch but can use the same processor on a 'plug & play' module, focusing on implementing the application-specific features of the designs on a baseboard. The latest processor to be hosted on Kontron's COMs is the 133MHz STPC Elite, which is also used in two of Kontron's PC/104 MOPS CPU boards.

Denis Chateau, product marketing manager at STMicroelectronics' Microcontroller Division/CMG, said, “We're delighted that Kontron has chosen to use our STPC product line in their modules. Kontron will extend the use of these products into application areas that are not directly accessible by ST, potentially leading to a significant growth in sales of these products. Typical volumes for the use of Computer On Modules are up to 50,000 units per year. Beyond these volumes, economy of scale may favor a more direct design, using the semiconductor components without a module concept.”

Matthias Huber, product manager for embedded modules at Kontron added, “As well as being deployed in classical x86 applications, STPC Elite processors are becoming increasingly popular as a substitute for proprietary embedded intelligence in low-end embedded computer products, since standard PC features are embedded into the processor. These features include Ethernet and embedded web services.”

An evaluation kit includes a 133MHz STPC Elite processor, an ETX board with baseboard, a power supply as well as a ready to use compiled version of Windows CE.net supplied pre-installed on a CompactFlash card. The Microsoft Platform Builder 90-day demo license allows access to a suitable development environment and all relevant device drivers.

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