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Kontron: XMC mezzanine card features 1.2TFlop GPGPU from AMD

Kontron announced the XMC-GPU91, a new XMC mezzanine card featuring the latest AMD Embedded Radeon E9171 power-efficient GPU. The new card is in line with the Kontron strategy of enabling customers to upgrade their existing applications with the latest technology. The XMC-GPU91 supports the PCI Express 3.0 interface for higher data throughputs and features 12 mm stacking height for better temperature and cooling. The XMC-GPU91 is intended to combine with an off-the-shelf SBC to form a high-performance SBC-/GPGPU combination in the 1'' pitch standard VITA VPX form factor.

The new XMC-GPU91 takes full benefit of the PCI Express 3.0 architecture provided by Kontron on its latest family of blade computers, featuring up to 16 cores Intel Xeon D processors. It extends Kontron's portfolio of COTS embedded blade computers with PCI Express 3.0, power efficient 1.2TFlops/40W class AMD E9171 General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit.

The AMD E9170 series GPGPU, based on the “Polaris” architecture, leverages an optimized 14nm FinFET manufacturing process to provide up to three times the performance-per-watt over previous generations of AMD embedded GPUs. With support for up to five simultaneous 4K displays, the E9170 series GPU virtually eliminates the need for additional processors or duplicate hardware to create an immersive multimedia environment.

A VITA 61.0 'XMC 2.0' compliant version of the XMC-GPU91 for 1″ pitch systems is available, along with a legacy VITA42 'XMC 1.0' version for 0.8″ pitch. In addition to the significant thermal improvements brought by the 1″ pitch VPX standard over the 0.8'' pitch found in legacy VME or PCIbus, the VITA 61.0 standard connectors support higher throughput PCI Express 3.0 connectivity in a more rugged package. The VITA61 XMC2 standard is ideally suited for VPX environments. Windows and Linux drivers of the XMC-GPU91 will be enhanced with OpenCL2.0 under Linux in the coming months.

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