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KUKA integrates VxWin with RTI’s NDDS


LONDON — KUKA Controls has integrated its VxWin real-time operating system for Windows XP with Real-Time Innovations' open-architecture Network Data Distribution Service (NDDS).

The integration enables developers to take advantage of VxWin with NDDS without having to make modifications or configuration changes to either system. KUKA Controls' (Augsburg, Germany) VxWin enables Wind River VxWorks and Microsoft Windows XP Embedded to run on the same host processor with no real-time performance penalties or modifications to either OS.

RTI's NDDS is an open-architecture real-time networking platform that supports the Object Management Group's (OMG's) Data Distribution Service (DDS) V1.0 standard. NDDS allows networked applications to effortlessly connect with multiple data sources for communication of real-time data via an easy-to- use API. The technology is well proven and provides deterministic data delivery over standard IP networks while offering services for monitoring and control. RTI supports both Wind River VxWorks and Microsoft Windows on the x86 architecture.

VxWin provides a standard x86 VxWorks platform running alongside Microsoft Windows. VxWorks runs in a hardware-protected area of memory and its operation cannot be affected by any Windows event, thus ensuring failsafe real-time operation. NDDS runs unaltered on a VxWin system and communicates over the VxWin shared memory UDP/IP network using its Publish/Subscribe DDS. No external network interfaces are required.

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