Labtech aids Cardiff Univ PhD microwave research -

Labtech aids Cardiff Univ PhD microwave research


London, UK — Presteigne-based microwave printed circuit boards manufacturer has linked up with Cardiff University on a PhD project.

The university is providing scientific support for flexible monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) packaging technology developed and manufactured by the company.

The three-year research project aims to develop an understanding of the packaging technology, explore its capabilities and apply it to the packaging of RF and Microwave circuits.

Labtech will supply a set of manufactured packages for the university to obtain the basic performance of the technology. The results will then be made available to Labtech's customer base.

A deeper understanding of the performance trade-offs of the technology will also be undertaken, such as coupling between lines, bond wires and the use of different substrates, sealing methods and mounting techniques.

John Priday, Labtech's engineering and quality executive, said, “”The project with Cardiff University further confirms Labtech's continued development of our highly flexible MMIC packaging technology launched during 2002. We have seen tremendous interest from the market place and hope the scientific support from Cardiff University helps Labtech consolidate the opportunities currently ongoing.”

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