Labview gets networked DDS support from RTI, Lockheed -

Labview gets networked DDS support from RTI, Lockheed

Sunnyvale, Ca.. Lockheed Martin's MaritimeSecurity & Ship Systems business and Real-TimeInnovations (RTI), the Real-Time Middleware Experts, todayannounced a joint effort to provide a high-performance, low-latencymessaging middleware solution for NationalInstruments LabVIEW applications.

With Lockheed Martin's Middleware Adapter to RTI Data DistributionService, said Dr. Stan Schneider, founder and CEO of RTI, systemdesigners and application developers using LabVIEW programming canincorporate low-latency messaging middleware into their designs asvisual components ready to connect to other LabVIEW components.

“Users now can now generate code in LabVIEW from models to providedata acquisition and integration into networked applications,” he said,”thereby extending the messaging capabilities of applications builtusing LabVIEW.

“RTI Data Distribution Service is an extremely popular and powerfulmessaging solution that will extend LabVIEW users' ability todistribute data in real time over heterogeneous networks with LabVIEW,”said Darren Albert, staff engineer at Lockheed Martin.

He said engineers can build real-time applications visually inLabVIEW by using predefined blocks representing high-level systemoperations and providing for data flow by configuring connector linesbetween those blocks.

To take advantage of the RTI Data Distribution Servicehigh-performance middleware and adapters, engineers also can constructtheir own custom blocks that can be integrated into the LabVIEWenvironment for use in building applications. Schneider said this alsoenables engineers to leverage the power of the LabVIEW environment todisplay complex data graphically to users.

Both Lockheed Martin and RTI are supplementing the MiddlewareAdapter with professional services that focus on complex systemdevelopment and integration. Development teams seeking to use RTI DataDistribution Service in the design and implementation of a real-timesystem can employ these services to architect their systems, rapidlycreate essential features and gain in-house expertise.

Lockheed Martin's turnkey Middleware Adapters for LabVIEW areavailable for Windows XP platforms, LabVIEW Real-Time and NationalInstruments' CompactRIO embedded targets. The adapters provide a drag-and-drop middleware solution to tie LabVIEW applications to middlewareinfrastructures using Lockheed Martin's technologies and extensivemiddleware expertise.

RTI Data Distribution Service, which complies with the ObjectManagement Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems(DDS) standard, is a high-performance messaging and data-cachingsolution for the development and integration of applications thatrequire low latency, high throughput, high scalability, deterministicresponses and minimal consumption of network, processor and memoryresources.

RTI Data Distribution Service meets the unique and demandingrequirements of mission-critical real-time systems, including theability to run in dynamic and autonomous environments and overunreliable or low-bandwidth networks such as wireless and satellitelinks.

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