LabVIEW integrates Raima's Database API -

LabVIEW integrates Raima’s Database API


Raima's embedded database technology with RDM Embedded 11 now provides seamless access to a robust, industrially proven database from within LabVIEW, delivering high performance, high availability, and multicore scalability and providing local database management for applications deployed on CompactRIO and Single Board RIO devices.

The LabVIEW integration meets the needs of a wide range of industrial and workstation applications where large amounts of data must be stored, managed, and accessed. Standalone operation is possible because the database resides in the LabVIEW data directory. Useful features such as circular tables that can be queried by SQL have been specifically designed for embedded application needs.

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The RDM Embedded 11 database engine has been developed to fully utilize multicore processors, to run with minimal memory, and to support both in-memory and on-disk storage. With multi-core scalability, Raima Database API for LabVIEW efficiently uses threads with transaction processing to take advantage of multi-core systems for optimal speed. The ACID compliant database engine supports multiple indexing methods, including B-tree and hash indexes, according to application and performance requirements. Further, RDM Embedded 11 implements multi-versioning concurrency control, enabling read-only transactions to see a virtual snapshot of the embedded database while it is being concurrently updated, so avoiding read locks and improving multi-user performance.

RDM Embedded 11 can be configured to run on-disk, in-memory or a hybrid of the two, combining the speed of an in-memory database with the stability of on-disk in a single system. Further, any application can be connected to one or more databases and queried as if they were a single database, enabling true global queries.

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