Laird and ITEQ cooperate for LCD displays -

Laird and ITEQ cooperate for LCD displays


LONDON — Laird Technologies Inc. has signed a distribution and lamination agreement with ITEQ Corp. to supply products for LED based backlighting units (BLUs) for LCD flat panel displays.

The agreement gives Laird Technologies (St. Louis, MO), a subsidiary of The Laird Group (London, England) access to ITEQ’s (Taoyuan, Taiwan) high volume lamination capabilities and AP distribution and gives ITEQ access to Laird Technologies’ high performance T-lam materials.

Laird Technologies’ says its T-lam high performance materials are important to the growing market of LED based BLUs for large screen LCD TVs because the brightness and colour of an LED degrades as temperature increases. For example, red can lose 50 percent of its luminance with higher temperature. T-lam material allows heat to pass out of LED devices more efficiently.

T-lam thermally conductive printed circuit boards (IMPCB) use T-preg, a free standing thermally conductive dielectric sheet, in conjunction with copper foil and an integrated metal base to provide circuit board laminate that has superior thermal management capabilities when compared to conventional FR4-based pc board.

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