Lanner: HybridTCA, the benefits of converged infrastructure -

Lanner: HybridTCA, the benefits of converged infrastructure

Lanner HybridTCA converged infrastructure is pre-integrated with compute, switch and storage. The hardware convergence saves 2U spaces that generic server occupies, and the space-efficient can better accommodate the installations of network switches. The interior connection within the servers reduces manual cable connection error and simplifies the maintenance.

From power supplies, fans, controllers to main boards, Lanner HybridTCA solutions adopt modular designs to simplify maintenance complexity and provide fast, precise technical support and RMA services. Cable-less Design eliminates problems associated with cable connections and offers hot-swappability and high level of serviceability.

IEEE 1588 defines the protocols to synchronize the clocks of two hierarchical computing systems, said a master and a slave. Unlike traditional network time protocol (NTP) with synchronization at few milliseconds, IEEE 1588 further achieves the time precision within tens of nanoseconds.

The implementation of IEEE 1588 is particularly beneficial in synchronizing the clocks of various applications and services within a computer network infrastructure. In a global-scale enterprise IT network, where services and applications can be highly distributed across the globe, IEEE 1588 can synchronize the clocks between the branch and the headquarter to ensure the records of operations in the same hierarchical orchestrations. In fact, Lanner’s HLM-1030B/C supports IEEE 1588 expansion module.

The HTCA-6600 is a high availability chassis 6U telecom network appliance with 6 x86 CPU blades and 6 I/O blades. Provided is BCM StrataXGS Trident-II/II+ BCM56854/56860 Switch Fabric with 720/1280 Gbps, 6 x Swappable I/O blades on the front, supporting up to 2x Switch blades or 6x Ethernet blades in a NEBS compliant design.

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