Laser 2000 signs up to supply Photonic Products -

Laser 2000 signs up to supply Photonic Products


LONDON — Photonic Products (Hatfield Broad Oak, England) has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Laser 2000 (Munich, Germany) to distribute and represent its products' including customised and standard design laser diode modules, laser diode assemblies and sub-assemblies, throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.

Laser 2000 is a major European sources for photonic-based products for industry and research including laser sources, laser micromachining, laser protection, optics & opto-mechanics, optical instrumentation, image processing, optical transmission systems and digital testing.

Photonic Products is a manufacturer of custom designed laser diode modules and laser diode assemblies and an authorized distributor of high performance industrial laser diodes and LEDs, manufactured by Sanyo, Opnext and Sony, and precision opticallenses from Panasonic, to the industrial, medical, scientific and defense markets.

Laser 2000 was founded in Munich in 1986 by Armin Luft and since the beginning of the 1990s the company has established bases in France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland and Sweden, with further subsidiaries in development.

From left: Manfred Augustin, president, Laser 2000; Tony Wright, director of sales, Photonic Products; and Thomas Rampertshammer; director business development, Laser 2000

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