Latest EL lamps result in thinner handsets -

Latest EL lamps result in thinner handsets

An increasing number of Rogers' Durel DFLX electroluminescent (EL) lamps and drivers are being designed into handsets, as manufacturers place greater emphasis on reducing the handsets' size and weight. The DFLX lamps help maintain uniform keypad lighting, including the ability to provide many types of decorative lighting. The thin (0.1-mm) lamps are flexible because of the absence of the polyester film associated with conventional EL lamps. Other applications include PDAs, remote controls, and other electronic devices with keypads.

The thin profile of DFLX lamps lets it fit between the keypad and the metal dome array stackup. This enables designers to place light directly under each key without affecting the tactile feel of the key actuations. While the thin form factor and supple rubber composition of the lamps feel like a thin coat of latex paint, they maintain durability. Lamps have been subjected to over one million actuations in keypad applications with no degradation. DFLX EL lamps can be folded, flexed, and pierced while maintaining complete functionality.

Powered by a small IC driver, DFLX lamps use low current and generate virtually no heat. To find out more about the DFLX EL lamps, go to

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