Lauterbach adds memory support -

Lauterbach adds memory support


The TRACE32-PowerView integrated development environment from Lauterbach now includes dynamic memory allocation analysis.

It is now possible to trace the data relevant for memory allocation during the run time and then analyse the statistical results via displays, some of which are provided in a graphical form. Both the hardware-based and software-based trace is suitable for recording the information relating to memory allocation.

The tool provides an overview of storage areas, absolute and differential memory requirements and all 'malloc' and 'free calls. If write accesses have taken place outside the memory blocks this is documented as an error-head or error-tail and may, if required, result in termination of the program.

TRACE32 also has added support for QNX operation for SuperH derivatives from Hitachi and ST Microelectronics.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) May 2002

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