Lauterbach integrates support for SYSGO's PikeOS into TRACE32 debug -

Lauterbach integrates support for SYSGO’s PikeOS into TRACE32 debug


The newest version of SYSGO's real-time operating system PikeOS is now integrated with Lauterbach's TRACE32 Debugger tools. PikeOS awareness is included in all new releases of the TRACE32 software for PowerPC; other architectures will follow soon.

PikeOS is based on SSV (Safe & Secure Virtualization) technology, which is certifiable according to safety standards DO178B, IEC61508, EN 50128, and ISO26262.

TRACE32's debugging capability spans a full range of code, from bootstrap code to interrupt routines and drivers. The newly integrated PikeOS awareness provides easy access to PikeOS resources such as partitions, processes and threads. TRACE32 does performance analysis on threads, showing how much time each thread consumed and how often it was preempted, gathering information in real-time and non-intrusively without affecting the customer's application. TRACE32 includes full MMU support, so the user is able to debug several tasks in different PikeOS partitions concurrently, regardless which partition the CPU currently works on, providing full access to the complete system at any time.

All features that the TRACE32 debugger provides for the PikeOS RTOS are implemented without any changes to the application or kernel. There are no patches, hooks or additional instrumentations of the code. It is part of Lauterbach's philosophy to make TRACE32 debug exactly the same program code that will be incorporated into the finished product. This is the only way to guarantee, 100 percent, that the original application is tested and running correctly.

PikeOS enables multiple operating system interfaces, called Personalities, to work on separate sets of resources within a single machine. Examples of Personalities include Linux, POSIX, Android, RTEMS, and ARINC-653, plus many others. A Windows Personality is currently being developed. Because of the resource separation enforced by the PikeOS microkernel, multiple applications with different safety and security requirements and belonging to different Personalities are able to co-exist on the same hardware platform.

The PikeOS microkernel architecture allows it to be used in cost sensitive, resource constrained devices as well as large, complex systems. PikeOS supports many different single- and multicore processor architectures such as x86, PowerPC, MIPS, ARM, SPARC or SH. Support of multicore offers a flexible approach to the user, who can select an execution model ranging from a pure AMP (Asymmetric Multi Processing) to full SMP (Symmetric Multi Processing).

PikeOS is certifiable to safety standards DO-178B, IEC 61508, and EN 50128, is MILS compliant, and is currently involved in various security standard CC EAL certification projects.

Details of the PikeOS awareness features in TRACE32 are available at For more information on PikeOS visit

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