Lauterbach: TRACE32 extends the reach of Time Partition Testing -

Lauterbach: TRACE32 extends the reach of Time Partition Testing


Lauterbach announce an integration of TRACE32 with Piketec’s Time Partition Testing tool. The integration is supported with TPT 12 and introduces a new node for Piketec’s FUSION platform which allows users to connect TPT with TRACE32 for Processor in the Loop (PIL) testing. Such testing provides an invaluable tool for companies wishing to verify their software to any kind of safety standard and the integration with TRACE32 provides TPT with access to a wide range of supported microprocessors.

Processor in the Loop testing is an excellent way of comparing the execution of real-world code to a model. It provides the ability to verify how the generated code interacts with any underlying Operating System and hardware and gives developers the capability of comparing algorithm behavior on different processor architectures before making their final selection. This integration represents another milestone on the way to ensuring embedded systems are better, safer and more reliable despite their increasing complexity.

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