Lauterbach's TRACE32 exports real-time trace data to INCHRON Tool Suite -

Lauterbach’s TRACE32 exports real-time trace data to INCHRON Tool Suite

Lauterbach and INCHRON have partnered to create a new interface to exchange trace data between TRACE32 and the INCHRON Tool Suite. This solution features the seamless transfer of data in real-time from the Lauterbach Trace tools into the model based world of the INCHRON Tool Suite. In early stages of the new project, when debugging the code, timings can be measured and used directly in the system model. This means the developer can check immediately, how components behave within the complete system, and the impacts the code has on other software components. This allows drastic reduction of development time.

The TRACE32 trace tools are able to record the program flow and task switches of the target platform in real-time, without any instrumentation. In addition the tool attaches a time stamp to the recorded program and data flow. This record is the timing behaviour of the application with no modifications or instrumentation. This data can be used to create a comprehensive analysis of performance and code coverage

For easy visualization of the recorded information about task events and timing, this data is transferred to INCHRON chronVIEW in an open data format. chronVIEW then can analyse the task run times and task events, and can perform a design and actual worst case analysis. The user can then optimise the system as required based on this analysis.

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