Layer 7 content processor performs wire speed, deterministic deep packet inspection -

Layer 7 content processor performs wire speed, deterministic deep packet inspection


Mountain View, Calif.—NetLogic Microsystems Inc. has rolled out the NLS2008 Layer 7 knowledge-based processor, claiming it as the industry's first processor capable of deterministically performing Layer 7 content aware processing functions at 120-Gigabits per second (Gbps).

Coupling multiple standard 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with NetLogic Microsystems' third-generation Intelligent Fabric for Automata (IFA), which provides deterministic and low latency inspection performance for hundreds of thousands of rules, the NLS2008 processor architecture is suited for implementing distributed Layer 7 functions on high-performance enterprise, data center and carrier-class switch and router line cards.

The NLS2008 processor's breakthrough architecture enables networking equipment that performs Layer 7 functions deterministically on the data plane “fast-path” of switch and router line cards, resulting in inspection of every bit of every packet at wire speed.

The NLS2008 processor's 6-way superscalar architecture is able to support deep packet inspection operations for up to six independent applications or services to be processed in parallel, thereby providing a means for OEMs to upgrade existing line cards with new features and services. NetLogic Microsystems' NLS2008 processor also allows network managers to update rule databases without stopping the flow of traffic on the line card.

In addition to providing increased security for mission critical internet operation, the NL2008 processor also enables a new category of wire-speed application-aware routing, whereby service providers can apply a new level of intelligence based on the applications to routing decisions such as QoS and access control. Such content-aware networking solutions using wire-speed Layer 7 solutions will be critical in addressing the explosion of web-based and mobile-delivered applications, which threatens to overwhelm the current communications infrastructure.

The 3GIFA architecture of the NLS2008 processor also provides significantly higher per-flow throughput; switch and router line cards using the NLS2008 processor to implement Layer 7 functions can process individual flows of packets at up to 2.5Gbps with latency measured in microseconds, up to a factor of ten better than competing products, according to the company.

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