LCAS devices are designed with foldback technology -

LCAS devices are designed with foldback technology


The Le75181 and Le75282 line-card access switches (LCAS) are non-custom devices designed with foldback technology. The Le75282 is the a dual-architecture, meaning that it can serve two channels on one unit. According to Legerity Inc., the developer of the devices, the parts are smaller than competing mechanical technology, allowing for even more channels per line card. The foldback technology allows the use of a higher voltage secondary protector than with older LCAS devices. This allows undistorted switching of full 104-Vrms ring signal and additional headroom for undistorted switching of ADSL signals on the power ring signal for integrated voice and data (IVD). In addition, the single-channel Le75181 is pin-compatible with older Agere-style LCAS devices, maximizing customer integration ease. Both parts are in volume production. Prices for the Le75181 start at $2.15 per line for production in quantities of 10,000. In similar quantities, the Le75282 costs $5.30 per line. Visit Legerity at

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