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LDRA extends integration with MATLAB and Simulink


The LDRA tool suite can now use real-world data from MATLAB that’s connected to a Simulink model to fully verify the application at a source and object code level. Developers can fine-tune the model to reflect a data-driven flow of information, reducing the amount of error-prone manual manipulation necessary for the model-generated code to achieve DO-178C, Level A certification.

Users can run real-world code generated by Embedded Coder in software in the loop (SIL) and processor in the loop (PIL) simulations. The LDRA tool suite will then analyze both the source and object codes entirely inside the same LDRA framework. LDRA acts as an independent verification layer, working within the MATLAB and Simulink environment. By applying data from models, developers can better understand how various components of the application interact with each other. Defects in the design can be identified, and changes made to the model directly, eliminating many hours of error-prone iterations between the model, code and data.

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The integration enables the LDRA tool suite to perform verification to the object code level through Simulink-based testing. The LDRA tool suite can then verify that any discrepancies between source and object code caused by compiler or program optimization are corrected in the model. Because the developers are working in the model, the relationships between application components and data elements are transparent. In addition, direct integration of object code coverage enables developers to perform DO-178C object code verification early in the development process.

A demonstration of the LDRA and MathWorks integration will be presented at Booth 2138 at Design West 2013 from April 23 to 25 in San Jose, California.

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