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LDRA guides safety-critical developers to ISO 26262 compliance

At Embedded World, LDRA showed off the details and provided demonstrations of its newest code reliability too, the LDRA Compliance Management System.

“To reduce cost while improving quality, today’s automobiles have become highly dependent on safety-critical electronics that involve a complex matrix of specifications, interrelationships, and proofs that the system fully functions as intended,” said Ian Hennell, LDRA Operations Director.

He said LCMS is designed to provide companies and developers with an easy to follow infrastructure for enabling ISO 26262 compliance. The new tool frame work does this he said by walking developers through the fully compliant plans, document and transition checklists, standards and other lifecycle documents, and problem reports to help customers manage software planning, development, verification, and regulatory activities of ISO 26262 Part 6, Product Development: Software Level (ISO 26262-6).

“Although ISO 26262 is not government mandated, automotive OEMs have adopted the standard for their supply chain as a way to ensure quality and to manage risk and liabilities,”’ said Hennell. “For suppliers, this demand for standard compliance imposes a need for explicit processes and documentation that provides process and product visibility and enables process assessment by OEM Safety Assessors sent to audit suppliers.

LCMS includes the detailed document templates outlined by the ISO 26262 standard and walks the LCMS customer through the required activities needed to gain approval for each stage of development. The aim at LDRA, he said was to create a management system that could become the process backbone underpinning compliance for automotive suppliers. LCMS comes complete with a document review management system, comprehensive review and analysis management system, and problem reporting management system with activity checklists.

To provide additional flexibility and security for customers, he said LCMS for ISO 26262-6 is designed to operate in either cloud-based or locally hosted environments. LCMS Local is installed and secured behind an applicant’s firewall to address security-sensitive requirements while LCMS Cloud delivers a more economical option for companies with greater flexibility. Both options include a two-day quick start training.

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