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LDRA joins FACE Consortium


LDRA, a provider of automated software verification, source code analysis and test tools, has joined The Open Group Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Consortium.

The FACE Consortium, an aviation-focused professional group made up of government, industry suppliers and customers, focuses on defining open standards that increase portability and facilitate reusable, interoperable software in safety- and security-critical systems.

LDRA says that customers and FACE partners, knowing the company's extensive experience in supporting standards conformance and critical application verification, have encouraged LDRA to join the consortium to help participants develop FACE conformant applications faster and with higher quality. LDRA is committed to advancing the process by which FACE conformant applications are created and verified.  

The FACE Technical Standard defines a robust, open architecture that supports interoperability and ensures application portability across FACE systems and between vendors. This standardized approach not only ensures better quality software, but also lowers implementation costs and ensures the latest advancements in technology reach the Warfighter faster.

“LDRA is committed to helping customers develop high-assurance software and standards conformance through advanced static and dynamic software verification tools, unit and system-level testing, requirements engineering and certification services,” said Ian Hennell, LDRA Operations Director. “By joining the FACE Consortium, we align our support of best-practice software development in safety- and security-critical systems with an industry-wide association and architecture focused on interoperable and portable avionics applications. It gives me great pleasure for LDRA to stand shoulder to shoulder in an effort that reduces cost and delivers shorter time to deployment for our customers.”

Allen Brown, president and CEO, The Open Group added, “As adherence to the FACE Technical Standard has become a procurement requirement of the U.S. Department of Defense aviation industry, equipment manufacturers need more efficient technology and processes to produce FACE conformant and airworthy applications faster.”
Hennell added, “Software safety and security is fundamentally a software engineering problem that must be systematically addressed throughout the software development lifecycle. With FACE gaining tremendous momentum and the support from organizations such as NAVAIR, the U. Army, as well as many of our customers, the FACE common platform takes much of the complexity, cost and potential for failure out of traditionally heterogeneous avionics systems.”

For more information on FACE visit: www.opengroup.org/face.

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