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LDRA, QNX, and Direct Insight host seminars on safety- and security-critical systems

To help engineers and design teams meet the challenges of increasingly connected and complex embedded systems, LDRA has teamed up with QNX and its distributor Direct Insight to present free technical seminars that teach the latest design methodologies and techniques for ensuring safe and secure embedded development. Three seminars, to be offered in November in the U.K, will guide attendees in the latest techniques for building safety and security into the embedded application while maximising productivity.

Many embedded systems have an inherent need for safe operation. Others, although not required to meet defined safety standards, are becoming more complex and face increasing security challenges that come with connectivity. Design teams must keep abreast of current development methodologies and use ever more sophisticated techniques to ensure quality and reliability.

To help developers address these challenges, company experts from LDRA and QNX will use interactive examples to show how software quality underpins safety- and security-critical design. Safety integrity standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and IEC 62304 will be discussed along with the relationship between security and safety. Instructors will examine key topics for the delivery of safety- and security-critical applications from platform selection to development and verification methods, including operating system choices, coding standards selection, and verification techniques. In addition, developers can attend optional hands-on labs and join discussions on emerging technologies such as redundancy and safety via virtualisation.

These one-day seminars are open to technical and product managers, system architects, development and test engineers, and others concerned with the safety, security, and quality of applications. Seminars are scheduled for:  

•            9:30–16:00 on 27 November – Edinburgh
•            9:30–16:00 on 28 November – Reading
•            9:30–16:00 on 29 November – Leicester

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