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LDRA tool suite is now integrated with VxWorks 7 Platform


LDRA has fully integrated theLDRA tool suite with the next generation Wind River VxWorks 7 real-time operating system (RTOS) to achieve full compliance with industry safety- and security-critical standards. The reduced overhead and comprehensive support of the LDRA tool suite for a wide range of target architectures, regardless of their respective footprints, ensures that VxWorks-based systems can be built and verified faster and at lower cost .

LDRA brings advanced software testing capabilities to the VxWorks platform. LDRA delivers object code verification that confirms that compiler optimizations have not inadvertently introduced aberrant application code behavior. As well, the LDRA tool suite provides the high-assurance data and control coupling analysis that is mandated in safety- and security-critical standards such as DO-178C and ISO 26262.

LDRA provides software analysis across a wide range of ARM, PowerPC, and Intel architectures, which gives development teams using VxWorks additional flexibility. With mutually scalable platforms, even when VxWorks scales down to resource-constrained minimal architectures, LDRA can support and verify both the simulated and target hardware without compromising application behavior or performance due to excess overhead.

The LDRA tool suite offers full support for coverage analysis and unit and integration testing on VxWorks platforms to enable device manufacturers to adapt and evolve to meet changing market requirements, customer needs, and technology advancements. The modular nature of VxWorks 7 and flexibility of the LDRA tool suite minimize technical risk as there is no need for developers to configure the build environment. The LDRA tool suite works with all VxWorks 7 configurations and I/O capabilities. Such integration is critical as the IoT infrastructure brings more and more safety- and security-critical devices into large-scale networked environments.

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