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LDRA tool suite supports integration with VisualDSP++


LONDON — LDRA has integrated its tools suite with the Analog Devices VisualDSP++ (VDSP++) software development environment. The tool suite provides automated software testing and verification across all stages of software development.

VDSP++ creates a software development environment for engineers working with Analog's embedded processors. This development will provide for the seamless testing of user code at both the unit and system levels, together with enhanced error detection to speed up the overall software development process.

LDRA's (Wirral, Engalnd) tool suite supports the instrumentation of user code, test harness creation and processes target responses, and VDSP++ compiles and captures target results. The method of results capture is defined early in the process and is implemented in the instrumentation technique and harness code to accommodate the requirements and limitations of the target whether it is actual hardware or the VDSP++ simulator.

Compatibility with the ADI integrated development and debugging environment makes remote access possible with the VDSP++ environment. Using this integration method the LDRA tool suite is able to capture and use the specific environment settings defined within VDSP++ project files (*.dpj and *.dpg) in the creation of source code analysis sets.

The tool suite is able to ensure that the analysis, build and execution settings that are applied match the project settings, which in turn enables the use of the original project files to build the code as tested.

The LDRA tool suite is able to distinguish between the differing files that form a VDSP++ project, ignoring the source files that do not need to be analysed. When the program executes, the LDRA tool suite can drill down to the captured results and then use these results for unit tests and structural coverage analysis. In this manner the LDRA tool is able to support the analysis needed to demonstrate structural coverage analysis up to and including DO-178B Level A.

This integration covers all devices supported by VDSP++. Although initially written and tested to support version 4.5 of VDSP++, the LDRA tool suite integration will be tested with v5.0 and also v3.5 (supporting the ADSP-21xx). Further updates and developments to the support using Analog Devices VisualDSP++ are planned in the future.

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