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Learning about things automotive

Cars are now networks on wheels. Here's an new opportunity to learn how the auto industry tackles systems design.

Today's cars have been described as electronic devices on wheels. Integrated embedded systems are a prerequisite for modern automobiles having tens of processing nodes for systems ranging from safety to navigation and entertainment. The data flow in each of these applications has to be processed with maximum efficiency within tight power budgets. The Automotive Technology track at Embedded Systems Conference in Boston explores some of the challenges (tire-pressure monitoring, graphical information displays) along with techniques (fast booting) and tools (software, bus protocols, and gateways) for meeting them.

Attending these sessions, you'll come away with a better understanding in specific areas, including graphics tailored for infotainment and navigation applications. There are also classes for software engineers on designing software for real-time automotive distributed systems, including one session specializing in ECU software.

If your interest lies in networking then you'll want to attend the presentations on CANopen and gateways in automotive data buses for devices added on to or brought into a car's “network on wheels.” Finally, where the rubber meets the road, is a session on highly integrated tire-pressure monitoring systems.

Rick DeMeis is the Site Editor for the Register here for ESC Boston track classes. The conference will be held September 18 to 21 at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA. If you can't attend ESC Boston and are interested in these tracks, you can download track presentations for a fee from Embedded on Demand after the show.

Here's an overview of all the tracks at ESC Boston.

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