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LeCroy and Evatronix partner on SuperSpeed USB 3.0 development

LeCroy Corp. (Chestnut Ridge, New York) and Evatronix SA (Bielsko-Biala, Poland) have signed a partnership agreement that aims to speed up market adoption of the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology. The companies will cooperated on product development and USB market investigation.

“LeCroy is enthusiastic to cooperate with Evatronix with our complete solution for Super Speed USB compliance testing including the physical as well as the protocol layers,” said Roberto Petrillo, LeCroy's Vice President for EMEA and Americas. “As signal speeds increase, compliance testing and debug become more challenging. LeCroy's innovative solutions for testing high-speed serial data will enable Evatronix and their customers to perform these tests faster, more comprehensively, and at lower cost.”
Carsten Elgert, VP Sales and Marketing at Evatronix added, “In the area of USB 3.0 it is the same like with all top-notch technologies, in particular if they reflect industry standards: there is no company that can do it all by itself. We build on alliances to assure the  seamless product interoperability among different development environments. We have already proven the quality of our USB-IF certified USB 3.0 controller IP with first pass success in LeCroy protocol analyzers. Now we look forward to tighten these bonds in other areas, especially very high end analog signal analysis.”
The LeCroy USB 3.0 Test Suite includes the SDA 813Zi-A oscilloscope for physical layer transmitter verification, compliance and debug; the protocol-enabled receiver and transmitter tolerance tester, PeRT3, for receiver testing; the SPARQ Signal Integrity Network Analyzer for S-parameter critical characterization and TDR measurements; and the world’s first USB 3.0 protocol analyzer exerciser platform, the Voyager verification system, to address the protocol layer.

The PeRT3 is a protocol-aware receiver tester that integrates receiver test with
protocol-awareness. It provides the ability to automate testing through active control of the device under test. It is also able to easily manage through protocol issues such as SKP symbols which can interrupt testing on competitive products.

Evatronix USB Design-In product suite is a complete solution for any system-on-chip that implements the USB connection. Designers can choose from single function controllers through dual role On-The-Go devices to USB application platforms. All Evatronix USB devices come with software support and PHY interoperability programs.

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