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LeCroy expands MOST and BroadR-Reach test options


LeCroy Corp. has released three additional test packages for automotive designers. Two QualiPHY automated compliance test packages are available for MOST and the emerging BroadR-Reach standard while the Vehicle Bus Analyzer (VBA) test solution has been expanded to operate on the WaveRunner 6 Zi, WavePro 7 Zi, and WaveMaster 8 Zi oscilloscope platforms.

The LeCroy QualiPHY (QPHY) package provides an automated test script that enables testing of both the MOST 50 ePHY and 150 oPHY signals. These standards have emerged in response to the rapidly increasing customer demand for devices connected to video displays and car infotainment systems. Various video displays, GPS Navigation, Audio, DVD, CD, and Satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and voice microphone systems all have to interact on the same network without any interruption.

BroadR-Reach technology was recently developed by Broadcom Corp. to reduce cabling cost for 100 Mbps Ethernet connectivity over unshielded single twisted pair wiring. It is optimized for multiple in-car applications and supports a variety of connectivity options for external devices.

LeCroy'scomplete physical layer BroadR-Reach test solution includes QPHY-BroadR-Reach, an automated QualiPHY compliance test package, as well as the required test fixtures and cables.

LeCroy's VBA test bundle combines CAN, LIN, and FlexRay trigger, decoding and analysis solutions in one option, with the addition of physical layer testing for FlexRay. The VBA solution provides the capability to decode CAN protocol signals into Symbolic (application layer) text using the vehicle .dbc database file, allowing users to view the full range of CAN protocol stack information, and the ability to view additional in-circuit electrical signals that influence the CAN bus.

The additional capability to extract data from serial protocol message streams and graphically plot that data on the oscilloscope display makes the VBA a required option for any automotive design engineer. This feature set is now available on the WaveRunner 6 Zi, WavePro 7 Zi, and WaveMaster 8 Zi oscilloscope platforms.


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