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LeCroy extends analysis and simulation


LeCroy Corp. has extended its Signal Integrity Studio (SI Studio), an add-on to the SPARQ application software.It can work either in conjunction with a SPARQ series network analyzer or as standalone software.

SI Studio is targeted to signal integrity engineers who want the ability to measure, model and simulate systems that are described by S-parameters in a single software package.

The software analyzes eye diagram behavior and jitter decomposition characteristics of a serial data channel. Users can measure the S-parameters on an attached LeCroy SPARQ Signal Integrity Network Analyzer, or import a Touchstone file from a VNA or other S-parameter modeling or simulation tool.

Users select to emulate or de-embed the channel, configure a simulated serial data signal with impairments and pre-emphasis or de-emphasis, and model the equalization used in their receiver.  An eye diagram is created given the above configuration, and eye and jitter analyses are performed and results displayed.

When purchased as a SPARQ option (SPARQ-SISTUDIO), all users who connect to the SPARQ containing the option will be able to access the Signal Integrity Studio capabilities. No multi-seat licenses are required. The SPARQ software can be downloaded at no charge from the LeCroy website.
SI Studio can also be purchased and used without an attached LeCroy SPARQ. The analysis, modeling and simulation capabilities of the software in this mode of operation are identical to the SPARQ-SISTUDIO option. With both versions, a USB license key provides access to the SI Studio capabilities that are contained in the

The transmitter/receiver modeling and channel de-embedding and emulation capabilities are identical to the Eye Doctor II and SDA II packages that are options on high-end LeCroy digital sampling oscilloscopes.


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