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LeCroy test suite targets MIPI M-PHY physical layer standard


A test suite from LeCroy can be used for the verification, debug, and conformance testing of MIPI Alliance M-PHY(SM) and various other signal types using the M-PHY physical layer standard.

LeCroy worked with Mixel, a supplier of IP cores with a particular focus on low-power mobile applications, to develop and validate the M-PHY test suite with early IP cores.

The protocol's conformance tests require transmitter, receiver, and interface S-parameter and impedance tests. The LeCroy MIPI M-PHY test suite uses the WaveMaster 8 Zi oscilloscope for protocol, eye diagram, and jitter and skew tests; the PeRT(3) Eagle for Loopback mode initiation and jitter tolerance tests; and the SPARQ-4004E for transmitter, receiver, and cable TDR and S-Parameter tests.

The WaveMaster 8 Zi oscilloscope has the bandwidth to address the multi-speed requirements as defined by Gear, 1, 2, and 3 with models ranging from 4 GHz to 45 GHz. The intuitive decode and physical layer test package provides setup for eye diagram, jitter, and amplitude/slew rate timing requirements to address the Tx timers and signaling test requirements.

The Protocol-enabled Receiver and Transmitter Tolerance Tester (PeRT[3]) Eagle system is designed to test receivers under conditions of stress. It fills the space between physical layer test and protocol test, providing a capability for performance testing of receivers and transmitters to accurately test the Rx timers and electrical tolerances portion of the conformance test suite.

The interface S-parameter and impedance test requirements are met with the LeCroy SPARQ, a TDR/TD-based analyzer that measures 40 GHz, 4-port S-Parameters. The Tx/Rx S-parameter and resistance/leakage test requirements are handled with the SPARQ-4004E model.

An automated compliance package can be used to characterize the D-PHY interface while the CSI-2, DSI, DigRF 3G and DigRF v4 protocol and measurements tools ease the debug process.

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