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Lectures bring computing to life


Swindon, UK — The Museum of Computing, located in the campus of the University of Bath in Swindon, is to host two events covering the virtues and history of computer programming and the history of artificial intelligence.

On Thursday 16th October 2003 (18.15pm), Kevlin Henney will explore how programming languages changed between the late 1970's and the early1980's while Mark Radford will talk about the peculiarities of modern software design.

While the talks are aimed at a non-technical audience, advanced programmers will also pick up useful insights into software development.

Kevlin Henney is an independent software development consultant and writer specialising in programming languages and software design within OO (Object-Oriented Technology), Patterns, C++ and Java. Mark Radford began his career in software development in 1987 and has been involved in a wide variety of projects including distributed, large scale and embedded systems. He is a member of the C++ Standards committee involving BSI & ISO.

On Wednesday 22 October (17:30pm), Professor Max Bramer of Portsmouth University will talk on the history of artificial intelligence. The term Artifical Intelligence was coined in 1956 and themes will include the Turing Test, early AI systems, modern warfare and Science Fiction.

Professor Max Bramer has been professor of IT at the University of Portsmouth since 1989. He was a founder member of the British Computer Society's specialist group on Artificial Intelligence and has been its Chairman since 1988.

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