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LED control under the spotlight

LONDON — As worldwide energy demand far outstrips generation capacity, there has been a dramatic increase in lighting systems based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs), as well as the technological innovations that enhance such systems.

LED lighting offers significant benefits over conventional lighting, namely lower power use and longer burn time; when coupled with advanced networking technologies, users have the ability to transmit both high power and control signals over a single cable. High power capabilities mean that today's new breed of high-intensity/low energy LED lights can be powered with only a simple cable ” the same one that carries the ultra-reliable communications for scenes, dimming, and much more.oration.

In an in-depth technical seminar at ESC UK on Tuesday Robert Dolin, vice-president & CTO of Echelon Corp. will look at Advanced LED Lighting Control Systems. Attendees will learn how control networking technology can be used to make LED lighting more efficient and enable advanced functionality.

For more details see the ESC UK website.

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