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LED lighting designs made eaiser with new Android app

Integrated System Technologies Lighting Group has made it simpler for developers building LED-based lighting fixtures and systems with a free Android app now available on Google Play.

Calling it Dr. Voltz, company engineers have implemented the Android app so developers can calculate on their mobile smartphone the voltage drop between an LED lighting fixture and an LED driver, depending on the length of cable which links the two, as well as a number of other critical installation factors.

Dr Voltz simplifies calculating the voltage drop for either constant voltage or constant current LED applications and assists in planning cable runs, cable specifications and LED system parameters to avoid potential onsite LED installation issues.

By downloading the free app from Google Play and entering a series of data values into the Standard Calculator, including the cable diameter, fixture voltage, distance from the fixture to the LED driver and the forward current of the LEDs, the app calculates a voltage drop value for a specific cable length. In addition, the user is also provided with a value at which the driver voltage should be set, in addition to a simple graph demonstrating voltage drop along the length of the cable.

It is designed to relieve developers of doing cumbersome calculations in electronic spreadsheets by providing quick, accurate voltage drop calculations and an automatic warning when the LED forward current exceeds the rated cable forward current. Dr. Voltz also allows the user to determine the maximum LED forward voltage and number of LEDs within a remotely placed fixture, given an LED driver voltage and cable distance.

Initiially developed by ISD engineers to facilitate installation designs for its iDrive centralized LED driver products, demand was so high for the app that it has been released for download from Google Play for use on Android 4.0 and all subsequent software versions.

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