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LED’s help Queen cut energy bills


LONDON — Bespoke Lighting (Birkenhead, England), who recently merged with LEDtronics, Inc. (Los Angeles, Calif), has developed a method of illuminating chandeliers using light emitting diodes (LEDs) in an effort to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs at Buckingham Palace in London

The project was undertaken at the request of The Royal Household and the center room chandelier has all 32 twenty-five watt tungsten lamps were removed, and a low voltage system controlling 2.8 watt light emitting diode lamps were installed initiating an energy saving in excess of 80%. The next re-lamping will not be needed to be scheduled until 2020.

The next chandelier to be converted will be fitted with a warmer version of LED lamps, perfectly recreating the color temperature of tungsten lamps. “The aesthetics of the respective rooms is a major consideration and consequently we needed an option on the color of the lamps,” said Pervaiz Lodhie, president and founder of LEDtronics and co-owner of Bespoke Lighting International. “We are now perfecting an LED candle lamp for The Palace that will again assist them in their commitment to saving energy.”

“We also recently worked jointly with Bespoke in illuminating the Grand Staircase in Buckingham Palace [see picture below]. We installed around 32,000 LED’s which included a combination of warm white combined with red, green and blue LED’s giving a range of several thousand color temperatures. The system is controlled remotely by radio transmitter.”

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