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Less-than-$200 Windows utility eases signal acquisition and analysis

Data Translation Announces High Performance Ready-to-Run Application for Test and Measurement

MARLBORO, MA—Data Translation announces quickDAQ, a simple to use yet comprehensive data acquisition software application. quickDAQ is a real-time data collection and analysis software application that allows the user to easily acquire, plot, analyze, and save data….without programming!

“quickDAQ software gives the DAQ user instantaneous results, foregoing previously time consuming code writing.” according to Fred Molinari, President, Founder, and CEO of Data Translation. “This ready-to-measure application improves productivity byoffering immediate, out-of-the-box results.”

quickDAQ was designed by Data Translation software engineers with a combination of high performance and user simplicity in mind and includes the following features:

* Acquires high speed analog signals simultaneously and directly to disk at up to 2.0 MHz per channel.

* Measures right out of the box with any DT-Open Layers for .NET compatible USB or PCI device, no code writing necessary.

* Displays live signals for real-time visual analysis.

* Offers a new high speed data file format to collect large data files at full speed.

* Imports data into other applications such as DT Measure Foundry, Microsoft Excel, and MATLAB for advanced post analysis capability.

* Converts signals automatically to engineering units to support applications ranging from temperature measurement to high speed testing/analysis.


quickDAQ Ready-to-Measure data acquisition software is available immediately for $195 shipped on CD or downloaded from www.datatranslation.com.

As a .NET -based Windows utility, Data Translation 's latest quickDAQ software comprises a ready-to-go package that lets you acquire analog data and plot it—during acquisition. Additionally, the software lets you analyze and compare your data, and save it to disk for post-processing.

When you consider that it's priced at less than $200 a copy, this software shapes up as a very cost-effective product. Data Translation's quickDAQ looks like just the ticket for distributed industrial embedded PC applications.

No Coding

As the Data Translation press release (on the left) indicates, no coding is required. The familiar Windows Toolbar endows the software with standard Windows file controls, as well as controls that operate the streaming and display of your data.

However, the software is configured to acquire data from most of the company's USB (Universal Serial Bus) and PCI bus data-acq hardware only. On the flipside of the coin, Data Translation offers about dozens of modules and boards accommodating everything from isolated I/O to DSP (digital signal processing) to waveform generation to data-acq and control.

Significantly, quickDAQ will let you plot your data as it's being acquired; that's realtime analysis for sure. As for applications, the package can be used for virtually any data-acq task, from temperature measurement to testing. Moreover, because you can export your findings into other Windows applications, you can do a great deal of post-acquisition analysis.

Two Modes

You get two main modes of operation, and you can switch between them. A Collector Viewer handles realtime acquired data from your hardware. Using it, you can view the acquired data in various modes. These include images of individual strip charts/channel, overlapping charts, and custom-simulated gauges, such as those depicted here.

In Collector Viewer, you can record data to a file and specify the channels, the recording triggers, and start and stop criteria.

quickDAQ's File Viewer mode is where you can post-process your recorded data from previous quickDAQ sessions. What's more, there's no need for any hardware to be installed in this mode. A standard Windows file browser lets you locate the file you want to view, and then it loads it. Once that's done you can view and analyze your data using the same functions provided in the Collector Viewer.

Click here for a datasheet (in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format).

For more details contact Data Translation, Inc., 100 Locke Dr., Marlboro, Mass. 01752-1192. Phone: 508-481-3700. Fax: 508-481-8620.

Data Translation , 508-481-3700, www.datatranslation.com

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