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LFoundry adds ChipStart as solutions supplier

LONDON — Landshut Silicon Foundry GmbH (LFoundry) has selected ChipStart LLC (Palo Alto, Calif) for foundry services representation. The addition of LFoundry services enables ChipStart to supply both design and manufacturing supply chain components.

ChipStart provides memory and security intellectual property (IP), embedded processing solutions, and the SoC Subsystem Manager (SSM) product. SSM is a hardware-software, or subsystem IP, that virtualizes SoC system management functions such as power and security management, error recovery, and boot and rest management.

The ChipStart portfolio also contains a range of complimentary products and design services that help provide customers with a complete set of tools to maximize their outsourcing strategy.

“We chose ChipStart because they have an impressive array of products and engineering services that are well aligned in the model of coordinating the entire supply chain for customers,” said Michael Hoesl, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, LFoundry. “We believe the seamless integration of foundry services makes the supply chain much more cost effective for the customer and provides LFoundry with unique opportunities to utilize its low cost high quality approach to broaden its customer base.”

Howard Pakosh, president and CEO, ChipStart added, “Our ability to expand our solutions offering and include LFoundry services allows ChipStart to address more of the needs of the entire development and manufacturing process.”

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