Libelium adds extreme range wireless connectivity to Waspmote IoT sensors -

Libelium adds extreme range wireless connectivity to Waspmote IoT sensors


Libelium has added long-range wireless coverage to Waspmote and Plug and Sense! sensor nodes by integrating Semtech’s LoRa RF technology in a new module-on-a-chip embedded radio design for Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.

Waspmote sensor nodes are designed to deploy by the thousands, connecting any sensor using any communication protocol to any Cloud system. The LoRa communication protocol extends wireless connectivity so that Waspmote sensors can transmit data at distances of several miles, even through buildings , and over 20 miles in open spaces . With LoRa’s high sensitivity of 138dBm, the Waspmote long-range module can receive data packets transmitted through difficult conditions and long links, thus reducing infrastructure costs for city uses.

The Libelium Waspmote solution, combined with LoRa, reduces the infrastructure cost to deploy Smart City applications. Waspnote combines more than 80 sensors combined with the LoRa benefits of long range and extended battery life Extreme, long-range transmission allows data to be received under any conditions, even through long links that can extend for miles or through buildings. A high degree of sensitivity is ideal for Smart City deployments, where long range, low data transmission is necessary, and interference immunity is important.

An integrated radio means quicker response, high output for point-to-point communications, and reduced infrastructure costs. Using sub-GHz reduces electromagnetic interference from crowded wireless environments. Electromagnetic interference is prevalent on 2.4GHz, caused by all the wireless devices in use in cities and urban environments.

Configurable hardware platform employs plug-in modules that are easily managed with a Web interface, and configured for use in Europe or the U.S. Software controls the working mode without the need for an extra radio. Communications are encrypted between devices. Secure authentication maintains data integrity, and privacy of the information sent by the sensor nodes.

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