Library eases interfacing to user-written applications -

Library eases interfacing to user-written applications

ITALY — The IPL-ST7 interface library (DLL) from SofTec Microsystems works together with any instrument of the inDART-ST7 series and inDART-STX for ST7 series and allows user-written Windows applications to automate programming sessions.

The library is a DLL that includes all of the low-level functions for users to set up the instrument and perform, from within their own Windows application, most of the programming commands and functions of the DataBlaze user interface.

It contains C written routines and can be used to interface the instrument from within, for example, a Microsoft Visual C or Visual Basic application, as well as any other programming language that supports the DLL mechanism.

SofTec has also released the DART-HC08/GZ64 design kit which provides everything to quickstart MC68HC908GZ projects. The kit includes an in-circuit debugger/programmer, an evaluation board specific for the GZ microcontroller (a QFP64 ZIF socket is provided) and a GZ device sample.

The kit is part of the inDART-HC08 series which uses Metrowerks CodeWarrior HC08 Integrated Development Environment and the in-system programming feature to program the FLASH memory of the HC08 family of microcontrollers.

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