Library for signal processing and video analytics -

Library for signal processing and video analytics


Pico Computing has developed a signal processing library which is made up of a set of FPGA firmware components and related tools that speed the development and deployment of advanced video and network analytics for security, defense and aerospace applications.

The library, which includes flexible components for signal analysis, feature detection, scale-space generation, correlation and filtering, has been validated and optimized for Pico Computing platforms based on the latest-generation Xilinx Virtex-5 and Virtex-6 FPGA devices.

Pico says that FPGA-based video and network security processing has many advantages over other approaches. By implementing critical filtering and analysis algorithms directly in programmable hardware it is possible to detect and rapidly respond to threats while consuming much less power than is typical using CPUs for equivalent tasks.

High-performance, low-latency processing for security has many applications. These include network packet inspection, event logging, and a wide range of video analytics. In the video domain, accurate and fast detection of vehicles, people and other objects is increasingly important for national defense and public security.

“By pipelining and parallelizing video processing in programmable hardware, we can perform complex, multi-frame analytics with elements such as Gaussian pyramid, blob detection, Fourier analysis and advanced statistical modeling, and achieve real-time performance at greatly reduced power,” said Kent Gilson, Pico Computing Director of Advanced Research.

The signal processing library is compatible with Pico FPGA computing platforms that include small form-factor, laptop-compatible cards as well as rack-mounted systems containing dozens or hundreds of FPGA modules.

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