Licensing deal for antennas -

Licensing deal for antennas

CAMBRIDGE, England — Antenova has signed a licensing deal which gives Galtronics the rights to use one of Antenova's High Dielectric Antenna (HDA) designs exclusively for its customers in cellular handsets and cellular PC card devices.

Greg McCray, Antenova's CEO, said, “We are extremely excited about this deal which will accelerate the market penetration of Antenova's innovative technology. The revenues generated from this deal will help speed up the development of our next generation technology, an integrated RF antenna module, which we expect to be a major player in the wireless market.”

Kenneth Crowell, President/CEO of Galtronics, said, “We are delighted to take this partnership to the next level with this licensing deal. We have already seen this technology provide our customers with industry leading performance in multimode environments.”

The two antenna developers initially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to speed up the entrance of Antenova’s High Dielectric Antenna (HDA) technology into the handset and laptop/adapter market in July 2003.

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