Licensing - how important? -

Licensing — how important?

Based on poll results querying readers about engineering credentials, although 73% of visitors to this site are degreed engineers and another 16% work as engineers, only about 7% are licensed PEs. How important is a license — or a degree for that matter? Jack Ganssle ruminates on these questions in “To be an engineer.”

Degree and license or not, sooner or later you're likely to be called on to design a step motor into a product. Steppers are everywhere, from printers to windshield wipers to video cameras. They are even more ubiquitous than microcontrollers, if that's possible. “Get Your Motor Running” summarizes the terminology associated with step motors, presents enough information to give you a basic understanding of a step motor's elements, and shows you how to control a stepper using a microcontroller or digital signal processor.

For even more practical tips on embedded systems development, jump on BART, Cal Train, or the free shuttle and head on up to the gala Embedded Systems Conference taking place in San Francisco, beginning April 22.

Can't make it to San Francisco this year? Although you'll miss Dan Saks's popular C++ classes (and 150 or so other classes, tutorials, and panels as well), you can still get a taste by reading “Enumerations Q&A.”

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