LiDAR sensor supports high-resolution imaging in UAVs -

LiDAR sensor supports high-resolution imaging in UAVs

Cepton Technologies, Inc. has expanded its SORA family of scanning LiDAR sensors with the SORA-P60L , designed to provide long-range, high-resolution imaging for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Used in industrial, automotive and mapping industry segments, the 400-Hz frame rate enables drones to fly faster while maintaining high point cloud density. Consistent with the SORA family, its lightweight 550-gram payload prolongs flight time enabling a drone to cover more ground in one longer flight without refueling or recharging.

A unique feature of Cepton’s scanning LiDARs is the Micro-Motion Technology (MMT), which positions all lasers downward facing at all times, resulting in a uniform point cloud that is more than four times denser than competitive solutions for fixed wing and fast-moving rotary wing UAVs. Point clouds are dense groups of 3D data points whereby each point represents a specific surface, and the closer the points, the greater the accuracy. The SORA-P60L generates a dense point cloud of up to 62,000 points per second for greater penetration and more accurate mapping.

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