LieberLieber: replacing documents with models -

LieberLieber: replacing documents with models


In a department of a leading German automotive supplier, model-based software development is now being implemented to its fullest. This trend-setting move away from a traditional, document-centered method was only made possible by the use of LieberLieber LemonTree. Especially for automotive industry leaders and suppliers, improvements in software and system development are increasingly becoming the focus of strategic considerations.

In this context, a department of a leading German automotive supplier took a courageous, forward-looking step. This is where the common document-centric development of software is now being replaced by a completely model-based approach. “Our goal is to make the model the core of our specification. But we also want to work with the models as comfortably as with code in agile software development. In addition, we developed our own method in a project with the Technical University of Munich that can be used in the models,” says the project manager, outlining the demanding specifications.

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