LieberLieber Software: HIMA meets tough standards with LemonTree -

LieberLieber Software: HIMA meets tough standards with LemonTree


HIMA has used of Enterprise Architect since 2012. It was during a training course that HIMA became aware of LemonTree and recognized the great potential it holds for the versioning of EA models. Before long, a joint effort had been mounted to develop specific enhancements to LemonTree in order to satisfy HIMA's stringent requirements on “smart safety”. Since development must always comply with functional safety requirements, precise traceability in the versioning of the models is an essential criterion.

They had been searching for a tool to facilitate easier versioning and traceability when, during an Enterprise Architect training course, they became aware of LemonTree. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Müller, Team Manager Development Software at HIMA: “In general, standards such as IEC 61508 demand configuration management. This also applies to UML models. LieberLieber's LemonTree is our key to efficiently determining what has changed, and in which revision.”

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