Linaro releases monthly GNU toolchain integration builds -

Linaro releases monthly GNU toolchain integration builds

Aiming to bridge the gap between the six-monthly official releases from Arm, Linaro is to release monthly GNU toolchain integration builds for testing.

The GNU toolchain is a collection of open-source programming tools that developers can use to compile, link and debug their software projects. Every six months, Arm releases the official GNU toolchain release for Arm architectures for the purpose of production.

As the open-source collaborative engineering organization developing software for the Arm ecosystem, Linaro said it will bridge the gap between official releases by delivering monthly integration builds which offer users a snapshot of the upstream build. Although not supported, having access to these builds will allow developers to test features from a pre-built binary as soon as it lands upstream. The builds will also enable companies to check their BSP (board support package) release will work with newer toolchains without having to wait for an official release.

“Linaro’s goal is to empower the Arm ecosystem, making it easier for those with a need for a binary toolchain to have access before an official release”, said Mike Holmes, director of foundation technologies at Linaro. “By having access to the monthly GNU toolchain integration builds, developers can feel more confident that their system will be stable against the future full release.”

The builds are available to download the first week of every month from Linaro Snapshots.

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