Linaro scheme recognizes effort by contributors -

Linaro scheme recognizes effort by contributors


Linaro, the open organization focused on improving Linux on ARM, has formed the Linaro Community Contributor Process and Team. Linaro Technical Leads now have the opportunity to nominate any individual who has made sustained contributions over a significant period of time as a Community Contributor of Linaro.  

“When we founded Linaro we had no idea we’d have this amount of engagement and interest from this really broad community of developers interested in Linux on ARM. Interacting with them has been by far the most rewarding part of my role as VP of Engineering (sometimes known as VP of Troublemaking!),” said Linaro’s Engineering VP, Christian Reis. “Officializing the engagement of these engineers and rewarding their participation are important steps that Linaro is undertaking to ensure we run an open forum where multiple (sometimes conflicting) perspectives are considered and converged.”

Linaro CTO, David A Rusling, added, “Linaro is a very open and friendly organisation and I’m often asked how people can join in the work that Linaro does. When we first launched Linaro we had the idea of community contributors but felt that we had to build the teams and make an impact before we had the critical mass to support community contributors.  Now I’m glad to say that we can and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next.”

The Community Board is planning to evaluate all nominations within 2 weeks of submission and all being well the community member will be welcomed as a Community Contributor.

Linaro strives to work as openly and transparently as possible and most of Linaro day-to-day affairs take place on IRC and via public mailing lists. It also uses a public wiki to help document and track much of our work.

At the recent ARM European Technical Conference in Paris we caught up with Steve Taylor, Director of Marketing at Linaro, who in this video gave an overview and an insight into plans for the future.

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