Link gets Royal visit -

Link gets Royal visit

LONDON — Almost one year after winning a Queen's Award, broadcast equipment manufacturer Link Research in Watford has had a visit from His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent.

The Duke met members of the company and saw a demonstration of the company's digital wireless camera system, LinkXP, which uses Link's electronic technology to compress a TV picture and send it almost instantly from a transmitter to a receiver that need not be in direct line-of-sight.

This invention won the Queen's Award for Innovation 2004 and Link Research has sold its LinkXP systems to Sky News and ITN, NBC in America, Channel 9 News in Australia and many other broadcasters and television companies in other countries.

Link Research has just developed a wireless camera transmitter for an aircraft, that will carry live TV pictures from a camera in the air.

Barry Smith and Mario Greco of the Customer Support team at Link Research explain the company's award-winning low-delay wireless camera system to HRH the Duke of Kent.

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