Link invests to add calibration service -

Link invests to add calibration service


LONDON — Link Microtek has launched a calibration service for the Narda XT range of personal RF radiation monitors, cutting the calibration turnaround time for UK customers from four weeks one as until now, all units had to be returned to the manufacturer in the USA for calibration.

The Basingstoke-based RF and microwave specialist has invested some £50,000 in test equipment to improve its level of service. The test rig at Link's premises is a copy of the one at Narda's main New York manufacturing facility and is the only one outside the USA.

Narda provided Link with the system schematics detailing the equipment required, including signal generators, power meters, amplifiers, cabling, components and special RF test fixtures such as a TEM cell. Link then procured all these items from new and assembled the system under Narda's guidance.

Utilising proprietary system software supplied by Narda, the system tests and adjusts each unit's performance with reference to national standards and in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

If a unit is found to be outside the specifications, the system automatically adjusts it by interrogating and rewriting look-up table information coded on the unit's EPROM.

The local service has enabled Link Microtek to reduce calibration costs by around 10%.

Steve Cranstone, MD of Link Microtek in the new calibration lab.

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