Linux environment upgraded for multicore processors -

Linux environment upgraded for multicore processors

Enea and Timesys recently announced a strategic alliance focused on Linux and multicore. 

Now known as the Enea Linux PlatformBuilder, the NetLogic MicrosystemsEdition (ELPB-NE) is now available for the XLP, XLR and XLS multicoreprocessors.   

The ELPB-NE is described as a full featured Linux developmentenvironment that takes the developer from jumpstarting their project,into development and through to deployment.  The product contains anEclipse-based framework offering a C/C++ development tool and GDB sourcelevel debugging tools. 

Timesys LinuxLink, described as a proven environment with over 10 yearsof use and hundreds of customers, has been chosen for its easyconfiguration and build of the embedded Linux root file system. 

An integrated pre-built SDK optimized for NetLogic Microsystems’ XLP, XLR and XLS processors, rounds out the package. 

The integrated platform is available, free of charge, from both Enea andNetLogic. An optional, annual subscription with support if availablefrom Enea's global technical support team.  Subscribers also get accessto Timesys repository to utilize 1000+ tested, integrated Linuxapplication packages, all verified for embedded cross compile.  

Also available in the repository are other run-time components like richmultimedia libraries, carrier grade Linux extensions and others. Tofully explore and test different implementations, LinuxLink Web Editionserves as a “sandbox” for trial builds and configurations on Timesyscloud servers. 

For those looking to get up to speed or extend their knowledge, trainingmodules and videos are available.
Enea also offers wide range ofproprietary software technology including realtime operating systems anddevelopment tools to complement Linux on multicore processors, as wellas value add custom services in conjunction including custom platformdevelopment, board bring up and test and platform maintenance. 

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This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

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