Linux kit for OMAP processors promises fast application development -

Linux kit for OMAP processors promises fast application development

Redmond, Wash.—Billed as the only one-stop Linux-based system and reference design of its kind for consumer electronics designers, the LDK5910 LinuxDA for OMAP5910 Development Kit runs the LinuxDA Embedded Operating System (LEOs) from Empower Technologies Inc. and is optimized for Texas Instruments Inc.'s OMAP5910 dual-core (DSP and ARM) CPU. Within minutes after setting up the LDK5901, according to the product announcement, you should be able to compile, download, and test applications.

The LD5910 comes with a hardware development board built around the OMAP5910 processor, LEOs, and a software development kit that includes a graphical user interface, database, device driver, and TI's DSP/BIOS link for the OMAP processor. Also packed into the kit is a software developer's manual that includes a guide to applications and DSP programming.

A key benefit of the LDK5910 is that it accommodates a variety of optimized DSP algorithms. For example, in addition to working with examples that demonstrate LEOs' interaction with video codecs, you can develop and download your own codecs using a JTAG interface and TI's Code Composer Studio Integrated Development Environment.

The LDK5910 is available for $900 from Empower's on-line store. For the name of authorized LD5910 service provider appropriate for your company, send an e-mail query to

Empower Technologies Inc. , 1-425-881-0909,

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