Liquavista raises additional €8 million, closes on volume production -

Liquavista raises additional €8 million, closes on volume production


LONDON — Liquavista BV, a fabless display company, has completed a Series B of fund raising comprising equity and debt with existing investors Amadeus Capital Partners, GIMV and New Venture Partners LLC all participating in raising €8million11.

Mark Gostick, Liquavista’s CEO, said, “Responding to the strong demand of our lead customers, Liquavista is on track to achieve volume production of displays in 2008. Thanks to the continued support of our investors, we now have everything we need to achieve the first commercial introduction of ColorMatch-based products this year and to maintain our rapid progress in the development of active-matrix displays.”

Liquavista’s (Eindhoven, Netherlands) electrowetting displays provide improved brightness at low power and provide the potential for clear viewing in all lighting conditions, from a dimly lit office environment to the bright light of a sunny day. Applications range from watches, mobile phones and digital cameras to notebook computers.

Liquavista’s manufacturing process is largely based on standard LCD fabrication processes, enabling the company to move to volume production quicker and the company is currently installing its first production capacity with an LCD partner in China to complement its process development facility in Eindhoven.

Hermann Hauser, Amadeus Director and Liquavista board member added, “Liquavista’s electrowetting technology provides a light shutter that is fundamentally more efficient than LCD and ultimately simpler and less costly to make. There really is no limit to its potential to transform the displays industry.”

Liquavista was founded in 2006 by a team which originates from the Philip Research Labs in Eindhoven.

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