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Local control given to £40millon capital investment fund


London, UK — A £40million fund for UK microtechnology and nanotechnology (MNT) capital projects has been announced by the MNT Network, which is managed by representatives from each of the 12 UK Regional Development Agencies and Devolved Administrations.

The fund is designed to support and build upon a wider UK MNT Network that is being established to provide a market-oriented focus for the facilities, people and organisations engaged in micro- and nanotechnologies in the UK.

Using Regional Development Agencies involved in a UK network to administer the fund is a new approach, intended to combine a national perspective with local knowledge and existing facilities.

Proposals are sought from all types of organisations, including private and public companies, research institutes and universities, that wish to operate UK-based facilities. To be eligible for consideration for funding these must provide open access for organisations and individuals to capabilities, processes and associated knowledge to support the development of marketable products and services in the micro- and nanotechnology sectors. A separate fund is being administered by the DTI for collaborative research programmes

Bidders have until 2 December 2003 to submit applications, which should be done on the Micro and Nanotechnology Manufacturing Initiative web site.

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